What Is The Cheery Theory?

The theory itself is living a happy life. The blog gives you the tools to make it happen.

We’re on a mission to make happiness a lifestyle. This life isn’t permanent, but we know saying that isn’t enough to suddenly make every person live their life to the fullest. If we take things one day at a time and start making small changes, we can live a more impactful life with the power of absolute positivity.

So join us for new posts to help you conquer this one life we have the privilege of getting to live!

Shannon Atwell, Positivity Expert

Shannon is a super extrovert who can find something in common with just about anybody. Making friends and encouraging positivity are her specialties! She is currently balancing her day job as an email marketing specialist while working toward her master’s degree at night. Besides her family and friends, the three most important things to her are her cat Tommo, her beloved Dodge Challenger, and of course her laptop. When she’s not online on her computer, she’s probably online on her phone. Follow along with all her interweb adventures on her personal social media!

Elizabeth MacNeal, Adventurous Soul

Elizabeth is a graphic designer whose day job is working as a communication and marketing specialist for an international nonprofit organization. She’s a seasoned traveler and has been getting lost one country at a time. From Honduras to Taiwan, Elizabeth loves soaking up new cultures, trying new cuisine, and meeting fellow travelers. She’s obsessed with hitting 10,000 steps a day and is always adding new activities to her bucket list. Get to know Elizabeth by following her personal social media accounts!