Where Has Cheery Theory Spread?

We have spread The Cheery Theory all around the world! Here are all the places we’ve been and a few links to things we suggest in these places. Make sure to check back as the list keeps growing and we keep writing advice for places to visit!


  1. Taiwan: Taipei
  2. Turkey: Istanbul (fun fact this city is half in Europe and half in Asia!)


  1. Morocco: Tangier


  1. Australia: Byron Bay, Cairns
  2. New Zealand: Hobbiton, Rotorua


  1. Belgium: Brussels
  2. Croatia: Dubrovnik; Split; Zadar
  3. Czech Republic: Prague
  4. England: London; Bath
  5. Greece: Athens; Crete; Mykonos; Santorini
  6. Hungary: Budapest
  7. Iceland: Reykjavik
  8. Ireland: Dublin; Galway; Bray; County Clare (Cliffs of Moher); Cork
  9. Italy: Florence; Rome; Pisa
  10. Netherlands: Amsterdam
  11. Northern Ireland: Belfast; Giant’s Causeway
  12. Spain: Barcelona; Las Palmas, Gran Canaria (Canary Islands)

North America

  1. Honduras: El Progresso
  2. Arizona, USA
  3. California, USA
  4. Connecticut, USA
  5. Delaware, USA
  6. Florida, USA
  7. Illinois, USA
  8. Indiana, USA
  9. Kansas, USA
  10. Kentucky, USA
  11. Maine, USA
  12. Maryland, USA
  13. Massachusetts, USA
  14. Michigan, USA
  15. Missouri, USA
  16. Nevada, USA
  17. New Jersey, USA
  18. New Mexico, USA
  19. Utah, USA
  20. New Hampshire, USA
  21. New Mexico, USA
  22. New York, USA
  23. Ohio, USA
  24. Oklahoma, USA
  25. Pennsylvania, USA
  26. Rhode Island, USA
  27. Texas, USA
  28. Utah, USA
  29. Vermont, USA
  30. Virginia, USA
  31. West Virginia, USA

South America

  1. Guyana: Georgetown
  2. Ecuador: Guayaquil

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