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Working Out While Traveling

Travel is a time for indulging especially when it comes to food. Try the shared plate appetizer, order the second glass of wine, and yes I would like the dessert menu. While I’m a huge advocate of trying new things while traveling (and by things I mean the whole menu), those extras can add up fast and leave you feeling a little more than sluggish. Of course, this is all fine and good if you’re taking a weekend trip or are just away for a week, you can always power up your workout when you get home, but for anyone doing extended travel, this lifestyle is less than sustainable. Traveling for more than a week means that your body isn’t just on vacation, it’s trying to adjust to this new normal of indulgence. Don’t let your over-excited taste buds derail your trip! If you can find a way to keep your workout while you travel, you’ll be more than prepped for long days walking around the city without feeling sluggish or having to decline that beautiful chocolate tart! Here are my best tips for exercising while traveling…

Decide On A Routine

I could shout this one from the rooftop: routine is SO incredibly important when you travel. Your body and your mind need consistency. You know from going to the gym at home that being consistent with your workouts is invaluable – the same goes when you travel! If you’re away for an extended period of time, I highly recommend choosing a schedule and sticking to it. For me, at home I typically workout just before eating lunch but while traveling it’s the first thing I do in the morning. Working out in the morning means it’s finished early, I’m not too tired from the day, and I don’t have to miss out an activity. I also only really commit to working out every other day while traveling whereas I typically workout every day when I’m home.

Research Your Options

It’s helpful to research what type of facility or equipment you will have access to when you’re away. If it’s a longer stay you might look at temporary gym memberships or maybe your accommodation has a dedicated fitness space. Find out what you are working with and plan your workouts accordingly (see below). While it’s difficult to bring equipment with you, one thing I always travel with is a jump rope…it’s lightweight, great for cardio, and easy to use inside or outside!

Make A Workout Plan

Go in with a plan of how you want to exercise, don’t wait until you arrive! I’m a big fan of Kayla Itsine’s BBG program and have a copy of the pdf book. When traveling, I bring a printed version of the book and commit to the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday model. I also have a few of my own circuits that I love so I’ll bring those along as well. For longer trips (months), I mentally commit to something in addition to my circuit training, usually something that fits in with the culture of where I am staying!

Do As The Locals Do

This is what I mean by finding something that fits the culture… I am currently spending time in Bali so, in addition to my MWF circuit workouts, I’ve also been incorporating yoga and meditation into my schedule (because seriously nothing says Bali like yoga!). When I’m in the Canary Islands, I absolutely love to go for runs along Las Canteras promenade right on the beach. Depending on the place, I try to incorporate a nice running route, beautiful hikes, or even fitness classes so that I can get a flavor for how the locals stay fit!

Keep It Simple

I keep my circuits to less than 30 minutes! Don’t start off trying to spend hours of your day exercising because the longer you spend one day the more likely you are to either skip the next or miss out on something. If you’re really feeling stretched for time here are a few 7-minute workouts to try – these are great for something quick that still get’s your muscles moving for the day!

Overall, exercise while traveling can be a bit daunting but if you go in with a plan, incorporate some local fitness, and keep it simple you will succeed at staying fit while traveling! The best part? Dessert ALWAYS tastes better on leg day ;)

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