Spring Might be for Cleaning, But Fall is for Getting Messy

The leaves are changing, the weather is getting colder, and everyone is consuming anything branded with “pumpkin”. Yup, it’s definitely Fall. (Side note: did you know British people exclusively use the word “Autumn” – it’s a totally American thing to say “Fall” – anyway…)

Something about Fall, and maybe it’s the colors, makes me want to break out the paint, make a mess, and put it back together again. Maybe it’s leftover conditioning from my school days – I just feel the need to try every crayon in the box! While in the Spring I love to clean out my life, get rid of the old and start anew, Fall is a time to dig through what I already have and get creative. So besides breaking out the paint, here are a few things you can get a little messy with this Fall to create something new out of what you already have!

Your closet: Let me guess… you have a million clothes but nothing to wear? Honestly, same. Here is the move – pick a few things out of your closet that you love but never know how to wear or always wear the same way (looking at you denim button down shirt). Then, hit up Pinterest and search ‘outfits with (insert your closet item here)’ – you’re probably thinking this sounds silly but I swear you’ll have 10 suggestions for how to wear a black and white striped shirt in Fall with one search!

Your bedroom: Whether you’ve had the same room layout since you were 8 or just moved into your apartment, a little feng shui goes a long way! Try rearranging the furniture, create more floor space, and set your desk up by your window. Your new arrangement will make it feel like a whole new space.

Your desk: I know you’ve been throwing your crap in here since the ’90s but let’s figure out how you can put it to better use! Have a whole set of colored markers? Use them to learn lettering! Did you find a bunch of unused notebooks? Start a bullet journal. The point is even the mundane things can be repurposed into something amazing if you get just a little creative in how you use what you already have! 

Your music: You’re undoubtedly sick of everything on the radio and sick of your regular playlists but that doesn’t mean you have to ditch all your favorite tunes and listen to silence. Make a new playlist out of the music you love but switch it up: put different genres together, mix up songs from multiple playlists, and hey add in a few new tunes (here are our top suggestions for the season!)

Your workout: 25 minutes of elliptical, a couple weight machines, and a nice 10-15 minute ab workout – boom, gym time check! I know how good it feels to check gym time off the list, but even your body needs change! Try a different machine, change your ab exercises, or go for a run outside instead of on the treadmill. Plus, you’re way more likely to see results if you change up your workout routine and continuously push yourself!

How else do you get creative with what you already have? Comment below!

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