Stop Procrastinating in the Next 5 Minutes!

We’ve all been there. The to-do list is just so long the best thing to do seems to be to simply avoid it. So how do you move past the mindless social media scrolling, Law and Order: SVU binging, and endless snacking? Here are my best tips!

Change space: If you’re serious about getting things done but can’t seem to get there, change your environment. It might be as simple as moving from the living room to your bedroom or you might be better off heading over to the nearest coffee shop.

Get active: If you can’t focus, you might simply have too much energy. Go to the gym, walk around the block, or do some HITT. Better yet try our favorite 6 to 7 minute targeted workouts!

Lock your social media: Use a website like KeepMeOut to lock yourself out of all of your social media accounts for a designated amount of time (because sometimes will power just isn’t enough).

Find out where your time is going: RescueTime is great if you want to get honest with yourself about where all your online time is going! So how many hours have you spent on Insta? Or you could try Productivity Owl on Chrome. The owl literally fly’s across your page and takes the liberty of closing tabs that are sucking your time away.

Take a break: Yup, that’s right. Just embrace it. Give yourself a designated amount of time to just be. Maybe it’s one episode of a series, one chapter of a book, or even a two-minute meditation session. Give yourself a set amount of time and when it’s up, get crackin’!

The 5 Minute Trick: Successful people, like the CEO of Instagram, swear by the 5-minute trick. Essentially you write out your task list and when you feel like you can’t focus simply tell yourself to work for just 5 minutes. In the end, you will most likely finish the task, getting started is the most difficult part!

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