Can You App Your Way to Better Mental Health?

For most things in life, we can easily say, “There’s an app for that!” Whether it is figuring out the weather, finding a date for the weekend, or checking in on friends around the globe, our solution is usually right at our fingertips. Does the same apply to mental health?

When it comes to matters of the mind, there are no simple answers and no easy fixes. But perhaps, with a download, we can relieve some of our stress or force ourselves to be more present. The apps listed below aren’t a replacement for the way you tackle your own mental health obstacles, but they might just be the supplement you were looking for.

With different meditation options each with a unique theme (such as “College Collection” and “7 Days of Happiness”), this app can help you take a second to clear your mind completely. In addition, there is also an entire sleep section within the app to help you catch some z’s through lulling sleep stories.

With the motto “meditation made simple” this app focuses on the art of meditation and deep breathing. If you haven’t meditated before, the “Basics” program takes you through 10 days of teaching. The app also offers “minis” which are short 1-3 minute sessions to help you find your calm before, during, or after a stressful situation.

This app is a daily mood tracker. You’re prompted through three easy screens. The first asks for your mood between good, ok, and bad. The second asks for other “tags” you might want to add to your mood such as “happy” or “anxious.” Then the final page allows you to add a little entry. Tracking your mood over time and seeing how many times you are having a bad day can help you start to build up the number of good days. Adding entries also allows you to look back on what specifically made the day good, bad, or just okay.

A more advanced mood tracking option, Pacifica helps you set goals for yourself. You can choose from different routes offered (such as “feel less stress and anxiety” or “live a healthier lifestyle”) and then set daily challenges for each. They can be as simple as “go to work” or maybe something tougher like “do stand-up comedy.” You can also track your mood, health, and thoughts or record things that make you feel hopeful like pictures or quotes. This app is the all-in-one helpful tool to keep tabs on yourself and maybe feel a bit better!

Have you given any of these a try? Have they been effective? Let us know in the comments!

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