Fall Music Recs for Every Genre

Got the end of summer blues? You’re probably not the only one. As the weather is changing and the days of pools, flip flops, and beach weekends are slowly fading behind us, it’s easy to fall into a bit of a slump.

So instead of letting the end of summer get you down, let the beginning of fall cheer you up! What better way to transition into the next season than finding the perfect soundtrack for it?

We’ve got a suggestion for every popular genre of new albums to check out this autumn. Trust us, even if you’re a fan of one genre, you might want to give some of the others a listen. Music this year has been absolutely on fire!

Country: Happy Endings by Old Dominion
Almost all country music feels most fitting when blasted during the hot days of summer, but this album is the perfect transition album into autumn. The best way to describe this album is “the changing of leaves” with soft songs about getting over exes and being in love again.

Rap & Hip Hop: Everybody by Logic
Logic is tackling important topics not always spoken about in rap and hip hop such as suicide and depression. While the music is not only thought provoking, it brings in bits and pieces of other sounds that easily attract those who don’t traditionally listen to rap.

Pop: Melodrama by Lorde
Lorde is back at it again with the super cool vibes. She’s the perfect one to lead us into cardigan season. Sit back with a coffee, find a good book, and let the offbeat peacefulness of this album soothe you into just the right mood for the upcoming chilly season.

Indie: Sleep Well Beast by The National
Despite the slower tone, this album feels best when it’s blaring through your speakers while driving through the mountains on a brisk day or playing softly in the background as you sit around a bonfire. Let Matt Berninger’s voice soothe you out of the hot days of summer and into a peaceful autumn.

Eccentric: Woodstock by Portugal the Man
You’ve probably heard the popular “Feel It Still” on just about every radio station, but if you haven’t taken the time to listen to their album, you’re missing out. With upbeat music, funky beats, and cool effects, this album is unique and just the right vibe for dancing around in a sweater.

Pop Punk: Lovely Little Lonely by The Maine
While this album was released earlier this year, it deserves to be your choice pop punk fall album. For years, The Maine have been forging forward, experimenting with their own sound, and making awesome music. The music can easily be described as both upbeat and cozy working in perfect harmony together.

Rock: Villains by Queens of the Stone Age
The mood of this album feels like watching your favorite 80’s movie in the basement in October. Despite being classified as a rock band, this album feels like a new take on old sounds and it begs to be blasted from your speakers this fall season.

Additional suggestions for the best fall albums? Leave them in the comments! 

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