Let’s Talk About Chocolate!

They say that fitness is 20% from your workout and 80% from your diet. To be honest, I thought they were all liars. I’m an avid ‘I run because I like ice cream’ gal so I just could not believe that I wouldn’t be able to literally have my cake and eat it too (for the record this article is not about giving up ice cream, eat your heart out at girl, you’re not alone!)

But if you’re starting to get serious about fitness and your getting discouraged because you’re not seeing toning results as fast as the Instagram progress photos then I have a few snack suggestions for you! I have a huge sweet tooth so while I eat a really healthy diet (tons of fruit and veggies, salad every day for lunch, and I’m all about my protein), I cannot simply go without sugar. When I first started this journey, I would go a week cutting it all out then I would go for one cookie and end up eating 10. So instead of totally depriving myself, I came up with a new system. I still allow myself sweets but I do it in a way that is satisfying and not limiting. After a chat with my nutritionist and some trial and errors these were the three snacks that worked best for me:

  1. Chocolate covered nuts: Chocolate covered almonds are my favorite because you really just need 4-5 to get that chocolate taste. Almonds help reduce hunger because they are super filling with fiber, protein, and even vitamin E. They also are proven to lower your blood sugar (which probably evens out with the chocolate if we’re being honest), your blood pressure, and your cholesterol!
  2. Apples and peanut butter…or Nutella: Ok if you really need the chocolate try one tbsp of Nutella and 1 tbsp. of peanut butter. The combination is actually fantastic and peanut butter means protein!
  3. ICE CREAM: Yep, get it, girl. According to research, ice cream has nutrients like calcium and phosphorus (which are said to increase your libido, like I said: GET. IT. GIRL.), potassium, and B-vitamins. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition even found that women who eat one full-fat dairy product each day (a scoop of ice cream!) are less likely to gain weight than women who do not! Just make sure to read the nutrition facts and choose a brand with not too much sugar (Halo Top, anyone?). 

It’s definitely all about moderation but having these three key items on hand means that my sweet tooth just got a little less dangerous! Namely, when I go to order dessert at a restaurant and a friend suggests we ‘share’ I don’t feel like war has just been declared ;)

Comment with your favorite sweet tooth worthy snacks!

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